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Smile Makeover: Dental Guide To Romance

Beautiful Smile, Unlimited Possibilities! ​ Do you think first impressions matter on a job interview, first date, or business presentation? Of course, they do! People who look well, happy and confident achieve at a higher rate than those who don’t.

If you have ever felt intimidated about smiling, speaking, eating, and even kissing; a smile makeover in Castillo Dental Group will not only restore your facial cosmetic, it will add self-confidence, esteem, and success in all of your efforts.

A smile makeover is designed to enhance your smile. The best candidates for these procedures are those dissatisfied with certain aspects of their teeth. While the goal of the dental makeover is to improve the appearance of your smile all dental pathology is also eliminated during the treatment. “We cannot build a palace in a swamp.”   Castillo Dental group is a smile design center that is well-qualified to create your perfect smile.

How do I decide if I need a smile makeover?

Numerous dental concerns can be solved with a smile makeover:

How long does a smile makeover takes?

The length of a smile makeover procedure depends on the patient’s health and the current condition of their teeth.

It may be simple, and the desired results may be achieved in one visit. It also can be extensive and require several dental appointments and various procedures to be done successively.

During your complimentary consultation with our smile makeover dentists, your concerns and treatment options will be discussed. By the end of your visit, you will understand your treatment choices, its duration, and the cost.

If you feel uncertain, please talk to our knowledgeable treatment coordinators. They will be able to guide you through the process and answer a lot of your questions

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